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Traditional Thai Massages in Wiesbaden

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Herbal Massage

For this massage, you are massaged with heated herbal rice sacks. The effect is overwhelming. You will feel completely relaxed afterwards. Pain is reduced and blood circulation improved. An herbal massage improves blood circulation, relaxes your muscles and drives out toxins from your skin.

Oil Massage

Natural oils that were treated and refined with exquisite essences in special Ayurvedic processes are heated and gently massaged into your skin.

The oil massage results in deep physical and psychological relaxation and an intense feeling of physical comfort. This massage promotes the reduction of stress, toxins and metabolic wastes, acts fortifying, harmonizes and vitalizes you, gives you energy after exhaustion, strengthens your immune system and self-healing powers, mobilizes your metabolism and lymph flow, and gives you silky, smooth and velvety skin.

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