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Traditional Thai Massages in Wiesbaden

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Nuad is practiced in monasteries and hospitals in Thailand. Energy lines, referred to as "Sen”, provide the foundation for Nuad. Using these energy lines, on which important acupressure points are located, humans are instilled with Prana, the energy of life, which they take in through breathing and food.
Nuad differs significantly from classical massage. Nuad is not simply pounding muscles.
You will have to allow yourself one to one-and-a-half hours time for a Nuad session since the body is worked on in different positions. The Nuad practitioner uses his/her hands, thumbs, forearms, elbows, knees, feet, and his/her own weight.

Traditional Thai Massage

The client lies comfortably clothed on a mat on the floor and is gently brought into stretching, turning and stretching-out exercises, which they usually could not even do on their own. Based on the length and intensity of the treatments, the recipient is able to immerse himself/herself in the action and to completely relax.
The result is farther reaching than the traditional classic massage. By accessing the energy lines, energy blockages, and thus physical tension as well as inner stress, can be resolved. The body’s agility is improved by the gentle stretching and passive yoga positions. Your blood circulation and your metabolism are stimulated. The blood supply to your joints and muscles is improved. Your health, recovery process and your self-healing powers are positively influenced.

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